-cough cough- why do teachers have mixed feelings about snap and its forum(and some parents)

This is something that's been bugging me forever-Why does snap get such a bad rap with most people like its social media?is it cause of the forums,or the community,or what?like my parents think snap is in their words(so please don't flag me) "a 'bullshit' site" and some schools block both main and forums?i've tried to convince my parents that snap and its forums aren't like that but they won't listen to me...thanks to old forums i guess,but i try telling them its like that anymore.Same goes for @funtime_foxy101 who for some reason is getting blocked from this site...it just makes feel like people don't like the good sites like this and main snap

Well....the main reason why I am supposed to be currently blocked from here is because of my cousin, who did some bad trash on my computer(aka a chromebook)...

I bet when Mr.Harvey taught people none of this would stopping people from doing what they love would happen as much...(i feel like 20th century students and kids had more privileges than us who are kids and students now)

It got a bad reputation from your sources because at the time people were constantly going off-topic making the forum look like a mess.
As for the schools blocking Snap! that's probably just because of their blocking software not their decisions.

We've never had trouble at a school that's actually teaching with Snap!. At schools that don't, I don't recall any cases of a school specifically disallowing Snap!; it's more a case of schools disallowing everything by default, and whitelisting things that teachers ask for. So the way to deal with a school blocking Snap! is to convince a teacher to ask for it.

As for your parents, @herodooble2, no doubt they spent a few minutes looking over your shoulder, and what they saw wasn't you learning to program. And, sorry, you won't like hearing this, but back then your own participation wasn't such as to inspire your parents' respect. If they watched you doing serious programming here, they'd feel differently.

As for @funtime_foxy101, there is clearly something we're not hearing going on. No school, in my experience, is quite as paranoid as hers appears to be.

In the 20th Century, your use of Snap!'s equivalents back then would have been part of a face-to-face class (maybe outside of school, but with an adult in the room). These days you have the Internet, which is both good and bad; it means that people in isolated rural communities can find learning experiences on their own, but it also means that you can find yourself in seriously bad company. So, there are tradeoffs about Internet-enabled culture.

and i've still tried to show them i'm doing that

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