Costume Filter Block

I'm a pixel artist and I was wondering if Snap! could add a toggle for filtering. Pixel art when ran through the bilinear filter Snap! uses to render sprites kinda looks like hot garbage. Scratch doesn't have this filter on bitmap sprites, so it isn't a problem there, but I think using a block to toggle filtering/anti-aliasing on or off, would be a good solution for Snap!

Sorry if this sounds weird or hard to read, I'm not too great at writing forum posts.

Anti-aliasing is the problem, but I think that the developers have said that it would be difficult/impossible to fix it.
To fix your problem, you will have to make a high-resolution version of your pixel art, and use that as a sprite.

There is a block that can resize bitmap costumes without using antialiasing in my Custom Blocks project. ("Point resize")

Can you try to make a command block version?

you can easily do it yourself. Also, what would it do? In snap, and other programming languages, it makes perfect sense to make it a reporter (or a function that returns the costume)

It'd work just like a normal set size.


is not what you want?

If the block was used before, wouldn't it use the resized version, making it add onto the previous resize?

yeah, but what you want is not easy to do since in snap, a sprite can use a costume that isn't in the costumes tab. There's not really any way of changing this.

how do you scale things down?
I tried .5 to half the size and it doesn't accept it!

it doesn't accept negative or decimal numbers or it messes the costume up :confused:

I'm not sure. I tried removing the check for decimal values and it just resulted in a really really messed up alonzo.

I just tried and it looks like a photo printed by an hp printer that was delivered by usps!
It still does scale the sprite down, so maybe there's still some hope of fixing the bug. I'm gonna try and tinker with it and see if I can figure something out.

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