Costume animations by action in 1 sprite

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I'm look for help around costumes and being able to use a similar "next costume" or forever, repeat switch costume but for only example: 5 costumes out of the 10 costumes I have.
Maybe I have hand gestures with three costumes, walking costumes with 5 and jumping jack for 2. I want to switch between my 5 costumes of walking because he is walking. I want an easier way than pulling out 5 switch to costume___ because lets say I have 20 costumes.
I tried to make a list variable for talking, walking and jumping jack where it put the picture of the costume in the list then I adjusted each list to only have those costumes in them.
I'm unsure what I could do next, like next costume = to costumes in walking variable. or forever switch to item of walking variable plus 1. These didn't work and would return the sprite to the Turtle.
Can someone explain how I might be able to clump costumes by animation type and then easily use a few blocks to run the costume loop when I want to do separate animation actions?
Thanks for your awesome help.

What have you tried that didn't work?

Post a project example, link, or screenshot:

Would this help you?

a technique i used in scratch is to prefix each of the costume names with the animation name and then add the frame number of the animation then increment a variab;le for each frame of the animation and do
Node Editor script pic

Awesome Yes- This might actually work for the task and easy enough to share with students. Thanks!

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