"copy script pic"

The title basically explains it. Add an option to the context menu of a script to copy its script pic to your clipboard, so you can paste it into the forums and stuff.

I'd also would really like this as that is almost universally what I need a script/result pic for.

But, I know that the Snap! team are reluctant to add extra context items so I'd modify the suggestion to auto copy it to the clipboard at the point the option is selected.

This would mean that people (like me) who don't auto-save downloads could just cancel the download but still have the image on the clipboard.

@cst1229 maybe change category to feature requests?

I should have put it in feature requests. I think I misclicked.
EDIT: For reference, the original category was Help With Snap! -> Snap! Editor.

For me it's only half the fime, because of the manual and BJC. But yeah, I'd find it useful too. OTOH it'd have to be two new menu items, because of result pic.

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