Hmm, nice idea, I’ll try to make something like that.

I would like to join the organization

Okay, give me you github username

It's on my profile
(it's kind of weird, I don't know why I chose it)

New Commands:

 If [1 == 1]:(


CSS beta editor

We now have a gamejolt but due to the forums new policy I can't post the link

@sombrero and @programmer_user hows the editor going?
An we should start talking a little bit more in the forums.

Working on the new interpreter here:
If you give me your username I can invite you to the repl.

My name is just Daniel4scratch no dash

I want to join

Invited you to the repl.

I would definitely use this language if it wasn't blocked for me
I would also help but the same reason.

Could you update the document so that



function say[] (


Sorry that will come with the next major update. Plus my brain is currently on SnapForks not Cope right now

I am working on a different interperter too.
It only has the syntaxes in the document(no "scopes" and many other things)
(but native functions are not programmed)(it's like smalltalk (everything is a function))(gosh(why(am(i(using(so(much(parens)))))))

I know you used Jquery but you forgot to load it!

I don't think you can create if statements and other things with that kind of parsing.

Look at allFunctions.The if statement is a native function.You use it like this:
And the if statement will return the value of foo reversed(this is used for elif and else statements)

@danielthebanana4 I finished the DPLA transpiler. Link:

the url is blank :confused: