I am making my own language called Cope or DPLA (Daniel’s Programming LAnguage). Https://


   Command_print[“Hello World”]

@sombrero gave me the idea with his Nava/JASL

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thats simular to <!Doctype html>

It's clunky to have that "command"

In most programming languages,colons or brackets are used as a dont use both

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It's an alright programming language, and I would like to join the organization. What would it feature?

Also, I made a logo for it. What do you think of it, @danielthebanana4?

How are you planning to implement this?

As far I could tell, It's going to be implemented for JavaScript, Java, JSON, Python, and/or C#. Just any language supported for web browsers.

I mean, what language are you going to use to transpile the source code to Javascript?

Probalbly JavaScript

Simple and modified python commands

Cool! Thanks

Sent invitation

It could be the website logo

Invitation accepted.

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That's why it is a Web Development program too.

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New type of code line coming into the document



What about something to interact with the DOM like this?

   Command_print("The element was clicked")

Hmm, nice idea, I’ll try to make something like that.

I would like to join the organization

Okay, give me you github username

It's on my profile
(it's kind of weird, I don't know why I chose it)