Cool horror game for halloween

all i do is keep pressing w and space and it says i win, some monster head shows up occasionally, and sometimes it says connection lost
and all these things are on top of eachother

is the project broken? what's supposed to be happening here?

No idea why it happens but it seems to just do that sometimes, so if it happens just click the greenflag again and it should work.

Crap I broke it somehow, Ill fix it

works now
i think the game is just too easy and simplistic. i occasionally tap space and if the monster's there then press w. i completed the night first try with the battery more than half full
i'm guessing it's going for some kind of fnaf style game, but with fnaf you have to manage multiple things at once and most importantly can't keep track of all of them at once.
i think the scariness from these style of games comes a lot from worrying about something that you can't know or fix at that time because you need to do something else. it's all about not feeling in control, which doesn't really happen here because it's two simple repeatable steps.

maybe it would also work better just with some more interesting behavior and sounds, it would probably be a lot scarier if i felt more like the monster was smart or had some odd unpredictable behaviors, instead of just popping up every now and then

i do think it's interesting that the time and battery don't show up unless the flashlights on, maybe that could lead to some interesting mechanics. maybe a dim flashlight mode where some numbers and things show up wrong, like how it's hard to see things when it's dark?
the flashlight is also pretty bright, maybe it could be harder to see during the transitions because your eyes have to adjust?

looking forward to some new things you might create!

Thanks for the review!