Cool custom blocks! (Part 1)

i think it should instead be called
Open HTML [] title: [idk what to call this] :: grey
HTML is a markup language (it says it in its name) so it isn't actually a function, but rather a description of what a page would look like.

what do you mean? it's under the open website block

ok, thanks! I just forgot to "showcase" it.

oh ok

you should add thiscustom blocks script pic

yeah but how do you un-stop the timer after stopping it
also it doesnt save the timer's original time when stopping

i'm only one person

custom blocks script pic (1)

you can add this

im tired to write that so can you share a project for this?

Why are you using JS for that?

he sez snap is too slow
use warp


he says snap is too slow.
use the warp block



I was actually trying to only import like, 5 but instead of selecting none I accidentally selected all :man_facepalming:

It's fine, you can keep them, just please credit me in the project notes or help sections, and don't change how they look

yeah, I added that in a comment, let me just put it in the project notes.