Cool custom blocks! (Part 1)

could you also change the blocks to how they looked originally?

which ones?

Just these:
Custom blocks script pic
Custom blocks script pic (1)
Custom blocks script pic (2)
Custom blocks script pic (3)
custom blocks script pic (4)
(I changed the 'last said thing' block to look like this instead because it's not really the last said thing, it's more the currently said thing.)

I changed the name of the inform, confirm, and prompt blocks because I didn't want people to get confused with the browser blocks like those

The browser-based ones already look different, there's no need to.
(But if you really really want to keep the part that says snap at least make it lowercase in the prompt block)
(And this block custom blocks script pic (6) shouldn't be called that. It's not directly related to Snap!, please also change that back to say window)

why, the first letter is uppercase, it is a name

the word snap! in the confirm block is lowercase
also its kind of an unwritten rule that all blocks should be lowercase, even names (or am I crazy?) since the URL block isn't uppercased
Edit: Also apparently the custom blocks script pic (7) block doesn't say window either, please edit it to say that so it's not confusing with custom blocks script pic (10), custom blocks script pic (9) or custom blocks script pic (8)

I think it's just block names don't start with an uppercase letter. Otherwise capitalization remains normal. Not sure about the URL block though.

actually, I found that and the cookies blocks in another project, that I forgot.

I know a project i saw that had cookie blocks, i don't remember what the title was, i just found it when i searched for projects called javascript or some kind of block pack

also JavaScript function

The cookies blocks look exactly like the ones in my project, also seems like a strange coincidence that that block has the two options Title and Location (that are also the only ones in my block)

ohhhh I remember in the project, the category was in "other", but I moved it to sensing. when I imported some of your blocks, I imported the other cookie blocks, and they replaced the ones before.

Cool project.

thank you! if there's anything about the blocks or specific block that you like, please tell me!

hi, i'm still working on this project, but I added one of silver_star's blocks (that I improved) to , since it takes a ton of space.

you can use map instead of a for loop, which is actually faster by a little bit

oh right.

if anyone wants to suggest a custom block to add (with the script in a project), I will probably add it.

could you change these to be "speech bubble contents" and "full time"?
Also the bug in the time block is now fixed and it's updated in my project