is getting the browsers cookies allowed

Probably not.

However, there is a database library if you want to save data between sessions.


did you forget the time that snao got hacked

i have to look into it

it isnt snaps cookies. its that projects cookies

I think what you want is the database library, found in files -> Libraries.

no i coded what i wanted. I just ran tests. you need both the snap api and the cookies to retrieve the password in theory.

That's why the Snap! team banned the use of cookies from a project.

why not ban the api. the api has no reason to be accessed, cookies can be used for storing data the api does nothing

They banned both. Use the database library.

whats database library. if its custom blocks that use cookies why is it dif

Nope. It's a library created by the Snap! team that replaces cookies in Snap! projects.

oh interesting

do i have to delete my code that i wrote or can i just never share it

It does not use cookies at all, it uses browser storage, which you store a lot more data in, and it stays longer (unless the user clears their website storage).

You also have to be careful with saving data in it, because any project can access the browser storage, which means if multiple games save their save data with the key "save" than both projects will override it. The best thing to do is prepped your key with your username and project name to avoid your key being overwritten, like this.

You probably don't ever want to use the clear data on browser block, because it clears other project's data.

wait. so thats practically a cloud variable?

No, it's only stored in your browser, it will not be shared on the internet.


dyk any http request links

There's the http(s) library, accessible from the same menu.