Convolution block

if you guys know what a convolution is, i convoluted, on paper, the lists [3,6] and [10,6] and it gave me the list [30,78,36]
untitled script pic (4)
now, i want to do this in snap!, but how?

remember, the 2nd list is flipped

Well, how did you do it on paper? You will likely be able to just translate it into snap with minimal edits.

What does convolution mean?

But despite the above, I may solve your problem.

Is this what you mean?

here's something I've been playing with:

and where did you get that "sum" block?

i mean it only has 1 slot

Drag a list onto the arrow on the + block.

this sh/t don't work!

Try dragging the picture into the Snap! window.

welp, too late now... sry

[scratchblocks] (()+() @delInput@addInput:: operators) [/scratchblocks]


(... :: grey)

into the

[scratchblocks] (()+()->@delInput @addInput:: operators) [/scratchblocks]


(sum(... :: grey) :: operators)

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