Converting Snap projects into a more accessible format


I was wondering if there was any way to convert a Snap project to something like an HTML file that my friends can open in their browser and play easily.

I'm asking because this was possible with Scratch projects using a website called "Turbo Warp Packager" where you could turn scratch project files into htmls, exes or zips. I don't know if this is possible with Snap but I was wandering if there is something like that available.

I actually found a website called Snapp that can only convert Snap projects into exes but the files are too big. Is there a better solution?

No, not currently. The only way to do it right now, is by packaging the snap source code in with the project, which is ver big. The only way you wouldn't have to do that, is by recreating the snap player in html and javascript, and also being able to read the xml. No one has done that yet though.

Challenge accepted

Any shared project can be easily played from cloud storage with URL

Project can be also loaded as an URL pointing to any hosting website.

Or you can host your own, modified version of Snap to add some extension, disable editor and so on.

can you give a tutorial?

@warped_wart_wars already made a Snap mod.
There is an extensive discussion

But I'm far from encouraging you to do all that hard work. I'll always remember: there is no need to buy and breed a cow, to drink a cup of milk. You can be busy for months mastering all the :snap: capabilities like effortless multithreading, HOF, hyper blocks, meta programming, and numerous extensions, to name just a few: AI, networking, physical computing, robots.

um, are you talking to me? if so, thanks? ig.