Convert XML to blocks

I do not bother you at GH, as I am not sure if this feature is fully released/disclosed.

We're using this feature for the Pyret/Bootstrap-Snap! IDE integration, which is still in development and unreleased, but not quite in the way you showed, which is why we didn't notice this bug yet. But it should work, so I fixed it. Thanks!
I've since then added the new Lisp syntax for scripts, which I think serves the task at hand even better, so I'm personally not sure if we might not switch the script synchronization mechanism from xml over to lisp in the (near) future.

why is log an actual variable. is there a way to make it not a variable. i want a clean script

found a problem. when I try to delete a block it replaces it. tho ik bc of the log its an easy fix

If you toggle a boolean I get Hmm... expecting a text but getting a Boolean, which is technically another problem.

Guys, that is "proof-of-concept" project not a ready made, full blown solution :wink:
BTW: boolean toggle should work now...

can it possibly be edited to create new sprites and delete sprites and work with every sprite

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