Convert to Video

This feature could be useful.

What are you asking for?

I guess a block that converts video files to files Snap! can read AKA encoding them and then a block that decodes them and converts them BACK to video files?

I think it would be decoding to snap and encoding back into video but that's beside the point.

This might be useful for advanced things, but for the average user not so much. Unless you could import a video and get a list of x dimensions including the samples of the sound of it as well as costumes of each frames, as well as the FPS of the video. Exporting would be another story though.

I feel like this would be a very complicated thing to do either way.

I just decided to use snap to make my game and I would definitely need something like this for cutscenes.

doing the same thing on scratch isn't really that hard either. just take a video turn it into an mp3 file, take the video again and turn it into a gif file, have it repeat the process "next costume, wait (0.05)"
at the same time you start the mp3 file and boom. video imported.

This feature would/should work like a software that allows you to convert swf to video, not as a block.

Swf to video? Why not just use a converter online? And why do you need this in Snap!? Please give a more detailed explanation.

Isn't flash dead? (Online)

Video files use a lot of storage space... I would rather be able to display a youtube video using a block. No cloud space!

This feature should work as a button within Snap!, not as a block.

No! This feature should work as a button within Snap!, not as a block.

Oh, so you want something that can convert an .XML animation to a .mp3 file?

That's not really a thing. The closest you could get to that is to record your project with an outside program as it plays.


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