Convert 2D And 3D Lists To 1D Lists!

:link: 3D And 2D List To 1D List :link:

It converts lists like this:


To a list like this:


Found out flatten exists

What are 3D lists?

They are lsts inside of lists inside of lists etc. (I think).

How is that 3D?

I don't know. It just is.

There's a flatten function behind length


Huh, didn't know that existed. It was fun making the block though. :slight_smile:

That's a 1D list, not a 2D list.

1D list: {a b c d e f}
2D list: {{a b} {c d e} f}
3D list: {{a {b c}} {d {e f}}}

A 1D list is a list in which every item is an atom (something other than a list).
A 2D list is a list in which every item is an atom or a 1D list.
A 3D list is a list in which every item is an atom, a 1D list, or a 2D list.

The nonspecialist meaning of "dimension" as in space having three of them is related to the technical meaning. Think about how Snap! displays lists. A 1D list is shown as a single column of atomic items. But a 2D list is, by default, shown as a spreadsheet, in which every atomic value has a row and a column. Snap! isn't very good at showing 3D or higher dimensional lists; we display it as a spreadsheet (a table) in which the individual cells show the sprite input icon, which when clicked opens a view of the innards of that cell.

A list can have any number of dimensions. (In string theory they deal with 12-dimensional lists!) This idea of dimensions comes from linear algebra.

PS If the result you want is really a 1D list, just use untitled script pic.

Ohhhh, that makes since. Just like vision. :slight_smile: 1D is one straight line, 2D is flat, 3D is shapes. (I'm having trouble thinking of ways to describe them ¯_(ツ)_/¯)


3D is solids.

i think they were trying to do a shrugging kaomoji

Well... I guess that is a kaomoji.