Control vars through network

So, let's say I have a game, where each user has cookie variables as storages for amount of money, costumes, etc. Also, I have a special shortcut to open a developer dashboard. How can I make it so I can control cookie vars of other users or somehow change their vars any other way? (also each user has his username stored as a cookie varbale.)

I hope the answer is "you can't," because otherwise cookies are even more of a privacy problem than I thought. Instead you'll have to have a data structure that you own.

The answer is, fortunately, that you can't change other people's browser cookies.

You'd need cloud variables for what you want to do, which we'll eventually add. Right now your best bet is to use some third party storage service, such as FireBase Cloud Storage.

Maybe @cycomachead will know of other services?

So, can you explain in detail how to implement it in my project or a link to some kind of could vars libraries?

Currently working on one using google firebase firestore.

I would rather share state by sending messages, as opposed to sending messages by sharing state. In other words, something like mesh broadcasts is a better idea to implement than cloud variables.

I'd like the ability for clients to send arbitrary messages to eachother, and respond to them in an arbitrary way, instead of setting cloud variables.

Right, what you want is NetsBlox:

Or else run an instant message server on your computer and use the URL block to communicate with it.

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