Context command block text to blocks

What i mean is:

Is this possible?

it could be this

(sorry for my bad english)

We're not proposing to expose chunks of internal text to users. But what you can do is

and its inverse

... Only in 7dev.

I would like this to be in Snap!

What if you want to save/load blocks in your pc? like
["go to x: <#1> y: <#2>", "Motion", 3, 4]

and then you load the blocks.json into a list and then its there, is it possible to do that even with custom blocks? There isnt a [name v] of block, like:
[name v] of block ({go to x: (3) y: (4)} :: grey ring) :: sensing reporter
// go to x: <#1> y: <#2>

I don't agree though. Some people might not know JS or what

Context>> a CommandBlockMorph ("go to x: %n y: %n...") a VariableFrame {}


Oh also heres my feature suggestion:

(i know that this is not related to the topic)

The last one is just an or-ed IS A COMMAND, IS A REPORTER, and IS A PREDICATE.

Oh and the first can be done with codification.

yeah i know that the last one is for or, but the first one,
but what about custom blocks? i dont wanna go in every block to type codification on it

That's not JS. It's not even enough information to recreate the block well, and it's pretty messy.

slate_technologies didn't say that was JS.

Gang, we maintain that there is no need ever to identify a block by a text string, blocks are self-identifying. Snap! is "blocks all the way down."

We are just dipping our toes into self-reflection, and we'll probably need to change some things over time. But we're hoping that this (blocks all the way down) won't be one of them.

What if you want to make a text-based version of Snap! within Snap! itself?

(BTW I was actually going to do that at some point.)

Then you use codification; you are converting Snap! to a different programming language, just like converting Snap! to Java or whatever. @sqoosh is doing that.

No, I meant converting text to blocks.

Oh. But now that you remind me, that's what sqoosh is doing. Go read that thread.

What? Remind me again what you are talking about... It is the morning so I am a bit braindead.

Oh, my HTML project?

Yes. I guess so.

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