Email Does Not Work

I tried emailing and got this message:

That's a generic Google reply even though they cheekily sign s.b.e's name to it, but it's probably right; are you sure you didn't misspell the name? We get mail all the time from people outside the team.

I copied and pasted it from one of your posts! This always happens to me!

Huh. Does Google hate you for some reason? :~)

Do an experiment: email to and see if you get the same problem.

Same thing happens.

Can you try to email me with the Snap! email? And I will try to respond?

Umm, I don't think I can. We each have individual email accounts and that's what shows up when we reply to a group email.

What mailer do you use?


From the web site, or on your computer/phone/whatever?


Bump! This still isn't working.

Are you using any kind of school/organization managed account?

It works for me, maybe it is just google..?

Im using a family link account, and I can still email other people

I think Google just hates you. I can't imagine a real reason why it works for everyone else but not for you.

Maybe your parents have secretly installed some kind of filtering software on your outgoing email to protect you from Evil Influences? That's actually the least silly idea I can think of right now...

What are the silly ones?

Aw, c'mon, you don't need me to be creative for you. I'm only an adult.

My school pushed test to today my creativeness is not turning on.

I use the web version of GMail. You would have to use extensions. And if software was interacting with chrome, a banner at the top would say chrome is being controlled by external software.