Compile block

i'm not sure how this compile block works

untitled script pic

It compiles Snap! code to JavaScript, but I have no idea how to use the args argument. But I'm pretty sure that block wasn't really meant to be used in projects.

er--how do you get that block?

Search it using the search function, or shift-click settings and check


Things you have to shift-click to find aren't supported and aren't guaranteed to work forever.

I've never actually seen this block before, but it's pretty clear what it does if you try it:

Not so different from


But clearly Jens built this, not for users, but to help in debugging the compilation feature in the HOFs. (Grab a HOF, right-click, choose "compile.")

i found it on accident like this

Oh! That's a bug, it shouldn't show up in the search results. I'll change it for the upcoming release. Thank you!

yeah, that's fine, though. Those blocks are "user facing", other than the "compile" block.

yea, i've seen some bugs such as when i don't have codification support i can still search up the blocks and get the codification blocks

oh yes, but that's not a bug. Those blocks should be searchable and discoverable, they are "user facing blocks" not internal ones used for development of Snap itself.

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