Please add comments so that viewers can encourage and give advice to other coders. (I'm pretty sure this doesn't exist anyway.)

Like when people view projects

Hey, we can vote again!

We have comments! They work just like the Scratch ones. Right-click, "make comment."

Pretty sure they're talking about on the snap community site

Oh, I see. Okay, in that case, we don't, but we will eventually.

Thanks. I love Snap! over Scratch, but I'm sad you can't comment, heart, or star like on Scratch. Good to know your developing it though!

Comments yes, stars and hearts no. See Would you add likes, upvotes, follows, or other social media features?.

yes add comments they will be very useful. also, when you do add comments, will you add stuff like:



whatever this is

and other stuff?

I think that's called a "code block."

But to answer your question, I think that's pretty low on our priority list. We are a small team and can barely keep up with the important stuff!

will you add that other stuff eventually?

They already said no depending on what you are referring to

no, i mean like sometime eventually

If you mean likes and things, no, never. If you mean typographic embellishments, that's not a categorical no, but, again, we have trouble keeping up with the important stuff, so probably not.

ya i mean stuff like


You would use a code block for something like Javascript, or Python.

local num = math.random(1, 10)
if num == 5 then
  print('Math.Random returned a 5!')

You can also color the code:





Here's an example:

local function coolthing()
  print('My cool function')


By adding the language name, you can tell the rendering system what color corresponds to a specific data type, and where it should color it.


Oh. I'm sorry for being demanding. I really enjoy this site and is where I started coding. Thanks for all the hard work you put into Snap!

also you should prolly change the catagory to community site requests

Are you seriously keeping this discussion alive? It had two days before it closed.