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So there is the capability to drop little comment ballons, and attach them to script blocks, but coming from typed langues (C++, Perl, Python), and being used to communicating (Knuth: Don't think of programming as explaining to a computer what to do, but explaining to a human what the computer will do) by interspersing code with comments and whitespace, I'd really like to be able to break up the flow of blocks with some kind of no-op separator block, which I can resize, type comments onto, and maybe even recolor.

Kind of like typed languages have a place for line-end comments, and also block comments. Snap! only has line-end, and it is limiting.

Good idea, an empty no-op custom block with a text argument does what I'm looking for. And, now that you show the example, I see how you can set the input variable to be text/multiline.

Cool thanks!

It would look better if you made it a reporter.

In my Game Engine, DevSquare, there are comment blocks called "Block Comments" which are like the comments you'd see in C Sharp or Python or something like that. You can make a comment block by adding a text input. The text input will do nothing and the Block Comments won't do anything with the input either.

EDIT: This is what I'm talking about:
DevSquare 0.2 script pic

You can see that there is no code in the "Define Block" section.

This code is also like one of my "Pass" blocks which do nothing. Basically they tell the program to skip the block as there's nothing interesting there.
I use the "Pass" block to fill in my code if there is nothing in the code. My "Pass" block will fill in any unused and blank spaces so that it won't look like it's missing something. It will also make it look like it's filled in with something.

If you can make it as a custom block, why to you need it as a feature?

Exactly! Why did the poster, @ruberad, ask for a new feature called "Comment Blocks" when he/she could have just made a custom block

@bh can you close

Press the "solution" button on bubgamer07's post.

you don't have to ask to get the topic closed.

Because the poster was not smart enough to realize that solution!

Well, now there's comment blocks! I hope that solves your problem! :slight_smile:

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