Combine list by string

I am trying to implement combine a list by ; but I can't do it, can someone help me?
I am not that good at JS.

I know Python.

I am getting a Syntax Error: Unexpected Identifier

Is this what you're trying to do?

(Channeling Jens...) You guys shouldn't be in such a hurry to do things in Javascript that you can do much more easily in Snap!.

oops, sorry for wasting your time
How can I add a string to the last?

Edit: NVM Got it

That's okay, teaching is my job. It's more a matter of wasting your time by not exploring what Snap! can do for you. It's a much better programming language than Javascript.

Wow, I like this - please add it to your official Manual. The section about 'combine' block has an example of the block using numeric inputs, this one would be an excellent example with textual inputs.

It's IS a sythax error, JavaScript's IF statements don't work like Lua.

if var {} // sythax error
if (var) {} // will work as long everything else works

var is a keyword, so it won't work.

It was a placeholder for the statement, but good catch. You're right, var is used to declare variables.


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