Color problem

i have thought this entire time that the color scheme I use for my projects is charcoal and gold. it's green. can there be a thing that generates a physical name for a selected color so colorblind people know what they are choosing

if you go on a google product (google sheets foe example) and you hover over a selected color it tells you what color its close to

Isn't that what this website is for?

it could be a built in feature

There's one called the Colors and Crayons library that contains a list of 100 colors with color names from 0 to 99. For example, 42 is a pumpkin.

To load, press :file_icon: > Libraries... > Colors and Crayons > Import.

I actually made this a while ago (in snap). I am currently getting the cors proxy to work (right now)

I did it:

3 and 6 length hex codes are supported

you can also convert color to hex using colors and crayons library

project if you want but really just use the script pics
sadly colornames may not support all colors in snap (but idk)

To solve the original problem of allowing a colorblind user to choose project colors, it's not actually necessary to convert colors to names. It suffices to have a set of names organized into color families, and that's what the crayons are for! Just pick a crayon color for your project.

By the way, the library will convert any color (specified as RGB for example) to the nearest color number. (Color numbers are different from crayons; see Appendix A of the manual.) That's the only conversion for which it'll interpolate; other conversions have to be exact.