Color picker?

Continuing the discussion from Custom blocks (Part 1):


They edited the XML by switching an input to colour input of a Snap! file.

Alternatively, just snatch the
block from the Colors and Crayons library and edit them to your preference.

extra info

In the developer version Snap! 10, you can create colour inputs officially. You can try them here:

Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

If you want to create them now. Before, Snap! 10 wasn't even started yet (I think), and they just edited the XML (again).


You can use these blocks. I don’t remember where I got them but it was a while ago

Those blocks are cool.

how do i use those

Activate "JavaScript extensions", in the settings tab.

Click on the 'custom input' block, then nothing else.

More inputs will show up whenever you create a block.