Color Game

Welcome to Color Game.

In this game, you will test your eyes on how good you can see the difference in colors.

In each round, choose a color that is different from the others. If your answer is correct, you will get one point. If you choose a wrong one, you will lose one life. Once you lose all of your lifes, the game is over.

Also, there is a level system. You will start at level 1. After ten correct answers, you will level up, and a bonus life if you get promoted to level 5 or higher. As you level up, the game becomes harder and you'll have to think harder.

High scores are recorded in database. If your score is higher than your high score, that high score will be the score.

Is there a way to win this game? I'm at 110 points, level 12, 9 lives, and it doesn't show any signs of giving up.

I guess that, overall, the higher levels are harder. But there are some near matches at low-ish levels, and some cases that just jump out at you even at the higher levels.

One thing that makes the hard questions hard is that if I stare at one for more than a second or so, the colors seem to change a little! So it seems as if there are small differences even when there aren't.

I'm not much of a game player, and I do understand that the first level of a game is supposed to be easy, but even so, I think you could start at what's now level 3 and nobody would have trouble unless they're literally color-blind, in which case this game isn't for them altogether.

(After reading the code)

You change hue and saturation and brightness for the different color. That makes it relatively easy to see the different color, especially for a significant hue change. Consider, for higher levels, letting that random 10 to 20 be random 0 to 20, at least for hue.

There is actually no signs of winning. It will keep going until you run out of lifes