What projects would go into the collections on the front page of the main site?(except the new project and totm collections)
I've always thought that the criteria is "mathy,great and snappy"
But (at least I think) some of my projects have more features than some other projects in the collections(e.g i think my rocket simulator is better than the moon rocket game by @deltav (no offense,im not saying that anyone sucks)) and none of them are in the collections(atleast thats what i see)
Maybe the criteria is "snappiness÷number of blocks" or "code cleaness" or "number of snappidly used sprites" or "<not (on the forum)> and <great?>" or "usefulness for teachers"?
atleast i see most of the projects there have a lot of gui.

I want to know why my projects are bad(if they are)

I think they're just projects the snap mods find are good.

yeah the question is what is good

just gotta be lucky i suppose

oh ok
maybe the "criteria" is "show up on latest projects when bromagosa is browsing and not make junk"

likely, i didnt post that rocket game anywhere so he 100% just saw it on latest projects

There's no actual criteria, it's probably just "projects that people with access to the front page collection find interesting"
that being said I don't think you should focus on getting your projects on the front page, you should focus on making them good quality and interesting and it'll probably eventually get there

The Scratch [sic] Team try to pick projects that will inspire users at all skill levels. So one project may be trivial from a programmming standpoint but tell a great story, another might be a great recursively drawn fractal, and yet another might be some great feat of metaprogramming. For us, if the project is basically written in JavaScript, that's a point against it, I guess. So is exceptionally ugly code. But, yeah, each of us picks different kinds of things. I only occasionally feature a project, and essentially never use any of the other categories.

Yeah, what he said. :~)

is “only using one sprite and arrange code in one script and use startup/loop format" ugly? :~)

yeah i see,js is not nice

oh ok(i thought that "the projects that devs think not bad are all in featured and anything outside is junk" lol)

offtopic:some comments on my half-done scheme compiler?

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