I have a JS code written in apps script for google sheets for a connect 4 AI. its really good and not that complicated would anyone like to collab

I might. What's the JS code?

(P.S.: This should be Collaborations, not Snap! Community Site.)

It's great that you want to collaborate on coding but this is a forum about Snap! not JavaScript

You should seek another place for that sort of coding.

i didnt see that

dont really want to give the code unless I know its not getting stolen. how do collabs work anyways

Fair. Maybe I can make the Snap! version?

so we arent working on it together?

I kinda thought you where talking about something different.


A Snap! Mod to connect to external devices. I forget what it's called.

yk how to do that?

only 291 lines

is it good?

I can't open Google Docs from outside my school's domain. That's why I need you to send me the JS.

Imagine. Program. Share.

There's this cool thing called Free (as in freedom) Software.

If you are afraid that someone will run away with your software, GPL it.

Not really stolen, more like borrowing.
You can quote me on that

Aw c'mon, we're talking about a fairly simple game program, not VisiCalc. You should be encouraging them to share open-handedly, not to worry about being credited, which I think is what's at issue here.

I see. Yeah, no license should be fine.