Baritone?(this is the only time Iā€™m asking if you are here cuz I do not wanna spam?)

Sure how bout we cellular automata function???

Also are you still there(last time)


Look it up on YT.

Sorry. I'm going to the gym right now. brb.

I think we should just use wave function?


so what kind of cellular atomina do you want to make

What about wave function or something I think we should use wave function or cellular automata but I have an idea so first we are going to make an game that is rouge like and you must explore naturally generated hallways and collect treasure?

that sounds like fun
maybe i could make it 3d for extra fun

Sure go wild! :grinning:

ill send you the link when im done

Send me 2d first then use raycasting to turn it 3D maybe?

ok that shouldn't take too long

How much progress have you made?

So far

If your still there

Hey baritone?