Anyone wanna collab for an new game?

What game?

An game that is rouge like and allows players to explore hallways and get treasure

Sounds fun! You have a procedural generation algorithm in mind?

How bout we use perlin noise and then customly implement it for creating hallways and stuff instead of terrain

Or an picked one of your choice

And I think we should work together for this?

How bout we make one? Or use one?

Also again send me project url when done

And start when ready

No, we’ll idk?

How about either wave function collapse or cellular automata?

Sure how bout we cellular automata function???

You agree?

Are you in a class?

Also i think we should focus on one topic unless you have to okay?

Baritone?(this is the only time I’m asking if you are here cuz I do not wanna spam?)

Sure how bout we cellular automata function???

Also are you still there(last time)