Collaboration for BBQ-binary

i NEED you for scrape's first extension, its BBQ-binary!

its basically a binary related extension and i wanna improve it a little bit

theres only 1 block and its called 'cook', it has true and false switches, if one is false, it returns 0, for true, its 1, and theres 8 of them, that means 'true false false true false false false true' will become 10010001

oh god, im becoming a nerd

you can add anything, only if its binary related

pssst! use this as reference Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

I have some binary conversion blocks, I wll add them.

I wrote a system a while back to convert decimal numerals to binary numerals. I'll look in my projects...

One of my conversion blocks does just that...

I wrote that an hour ago, but didn't have internet to post it.


Here are my blocks:
And here is a viradic version of cook:


ill edit some things

Welcome to Snap! :~)