Coding jokes (Part 1)

squares it

I know it's may, and this is coding jokes, but...
$$\frac{\frac{\frac{\frac{\frac{\frac{\frac{\frac{\frac{\frac{\frac{\frac{\frac{ }{ }}{ }}{ }}{ }}{ }}{ }}{ }}{ }}{ }}{ }}{ }}{ }}{1}merry\ christmas$$

Glitch is still there and coming closer also the christmas tree picture was funny.

clears RAM

Glitch is still there and coming closer

Glitch is still getting closer


return ayham.responseto(tethrarxitet) === "Thanks!" // returns true

Glitch is even closer now, not even infinite sums and products can stop it

@cybersteve547 uses "Divide by zero" on @Glitch! It's not very effective.

Quick! Ready up the firewall!

divide by a negative number!

no, because that just divifes then makes the result negative.

wait dosen't a negative and a negative make a positive?


well, maybe that could work.

$$\frac{\frac{\frac{\frac{\frac{\frac{\frac{\frac{\frac{\frac{\frac{\frac{\frac{\frac{\frac{\frac{\frac{\frac{\frac{\frac{\frac{\frac{\frac{}{}}{}}{}}{}}{}}{}}{}}{}}{}}{}}{}}{}}{}}{}}{}}{}}{}}{}}{}}{}}{}}{}}{1} \text{have some sort of christmas.}$$

Glitch is just a few steps away - it seems like nothing can stop it now

Quick! Air Gap our systems! We're at bugcon 1!