Codification to Scratchblocks

I made a scratchblocks codification feature, try it here:

it allows you to easily use the snap! blocks as scratchblocks in the forums

[scratchblocks] move () steps [/scratchblocks]

EDIT: whoops forgot to mention you have to go inside the project to try it

I can see that you only put in the motion and looks categories.

great project though

Whoops yeah, forgot to mention that as well. it does say that inside the project though.

it does? I can only find it says that the (new costume) block doesn't work.

its a comment inside the project

yeah... it's there, I must've missed it (probably because I don't pay much attention to comments... even though I was looking for a comment that said it only works with motion and looks)

Good start!

What's hard about the NEW COSTUME block? Just that it has a List-type input?

Yeah, the list input is confusing, since with no list in that slot you would need a unicode character and with a list you need an actual list/variable in the slot.

I'm confused. Isn't that how it should be?

? Of course. But scratchblocks doesn't have a list input like that (but it needs to be a unicode character with no list in the slot), and I seriously feel like someone should make a snap!blocks