Code isn't working

I recently made a code for a bot that would go and target other Sprites. It was working fine earlier but not now.

There is also a command to make it move but it's just (move 50 steps)

The problem is that you're checking for a random number from 1-5, and not 1-6. If it's always within 1 and 5, the sixth condition will never trigger, and target 6 will be ignored.
Also, your code is kinda long and counterintuitive. Try something like this:



I should have elaborated more. It isn't going to any of the targets. And the reason it's like that is because it is the easiest way for me to understand it. Sorry it looks confusing.

I will change it to this though it looks way more simpiler.
This is it here.

Oh. Well, if the bot just waits until it's touching the sprite, it won't move, will it?

ya need a moove __ steps

I believe what you want to do is take 1 random number once and then evaluate that number with a series of "if then else" like this...

In your code, you get a new random number each time you evaluate the condition...

Try this:


It works fine on its own but when all the scripts for the other sprites it doesn't work. file:///media/fuse/drivefs-594e52bd81f11024ca7783d7d0043dcd/root/Aimbot.html
I think if you copy and paste it you can view all the code.

i can't download the file... share your project and share the link...

according to your code, i think your sprite often point to target6...

I don't think that the "tg" variable needs to be remade every time.

i think the bot select a target, go to this target, reach the target and select a new target...
(look at the "wait until")

I mean this block:
untitled script pic (6)

I think it should be used before the loop starts

yeah, i agree...

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