Code emulator challenge win for prize

I don’t know a lot of js and I don’t really think that’s practical as it’s much easier to just write js then
Any other ideas, maybe for functions

I’m saying you could use the JavaScript block to translate it

That’s not how that block works

I was thinking you could convert the text to a variable or something and then it would run that variable in JavaScript

Okay but is there any functions I could add

maybe an if and if else function

thats what [] and () do, there isnt really a way to do else


Deadline has passed, who won?
node based

& i have more non-visual languages on replit too

Not in snap tho

it’s very interesting and I love it but it wasn’t coded in snap like the rules stated

@cookieclickerer33 because nobody else made a coding language in snap you won!!!!!!

that prize is that brainfudge is going to be added to nick os

And what’s the other project that we would work ln

how about we try making a pet simulator together

Sure sounds fun

how should we do this
snap doesn’t support two people coding at the same time

Okay I don’t see how that’s an issue we can just see inside eachothers versions as remixes

What should we do first

yeah i dont like snap for making stuff because even js is not fast enough