Code emulator challenge win for prize

I challenge everyone watching this to make a coding platform in snap
It doesn’t have to be a snap emulator just anything you can use to code
winners get to help me on a very special project
bonus point if you can make a node based system

Shouldn’t be too hard

@codegang whats the deadline?

on October 15 I’ll decide the winner but you can still try the challenge after that

How expansive do you want it?

no stealy idea

I’m making a text based form of snap

builds entire computer

that's been done before

Programatically? I don’t think so really

I’m attempting to make None of my code pre programmed functions and use ide blocks

Only thing I’m stumped on is making a contains block that supports multiple characters

First does not necessarily mean best... things can be improved or taken in entirely different directions.

yeah it has
now that i think of it i also made one... at some point. i cant find it

i was in a hurry this morning
I should have put this in there:

you can use previous projects to get things started quicker

The difference is mine will only call "ideblocks" 1 time and make sure not to make huge lists

sure its been done before but snap made out of text is still really impressive

I meant you could use past projects as a template

yes you could

the challenge is ending on October 15 so finish your projects by then

@joecooldoo @cookieclickerer33 may i see beta versions of your emulators in order to see how things are going

Still a text writer. But its really fleshed out with tons of features

sounds cool can i have a link to check it out

im not in the challenge

oh i thought you where making something sorry for the mix-up