Code emulator challenge win for prize

Not in snap tho

it’s very interesting and I love it but it wasn’t coded in snap like the rules stated

@cookieclickerer33 because nobody else made a coding language in snap you won!!!!!!

that prize is that brainfudge is going to be added to nick os

And what’s the other project that we would work ln

how about we try making a pet simulator together

Sure sounds fun

how should we do this
snap doesn’t support two people coding at the same time

Okay I don’t see how that’s an issue we can just see inside eachothers versions as remixes

What should we do first

yeah i dont like snap for making stuff because even js is not fast enough

netb lox

I have the limbs and rotation points and stuff setup
Never mind, it was working by the rotation offset I needed broke it how do I remove a rotation offset

I fixed it! What should I add first

@codegang read the edited post

I think I’ll work on a shop for food for the pet and stuff like that

I added a bobbing walking animation

You can click and drag to move it arround now!

it’s very cool

how about I add a shop to buy food for the pet


I made a new thread for this

Doesn’t make sense to keep it here