Code editor that helps you see bugs easier

haha get it

proof of concept
arrow keys to move cursor
scroll wheel to zoom
syntax highlighting not very good atm

this is cool!

This would look great for programming videos.

Cool project.

I want one for real (i.e., Snap! ) code, though.

I love it, but found 1 bug:
Screenshot 2024-05-02 085820

After parenthesis, the first digit gets highlighted in yellow. Also, curly braces are not colored.

Once Snap! 10 comes out, I'll try connecting this to the new Lisp parsing.

it does that because the parse block returns something that the color print block doesn't understand


I wonder why...

ill try to fix it

I added a select all feature by pressing alt

(remove the color write at the bottom after import, it's just to update the block)

it wont let me drag the script into the editor

Expand the picture
If you were to press backspace while its selected, it removes all

i already did that
the image you sent doesn't work at all

thats weird, i made a script pic so

I don't think it should modify the syntax highlighting, but instead show a selection box Screenshot 2024-05-03 160756.

I know, but I don't know how to do that rn