Code compiling doesn't support ASK blocks, but doesn't error

i found this issue with the sort primitive (not directly, i used the library block)
if you ask a sprite for anything it reports ""
currently i'm working around this with the identity custom block because the compiler doesn't do custom blocks

The JIT compiler is an experimental thing which kinda got superseded by hyperblocks.

my issue really is that this happens with the list sort primitive, which is in a list library block
nothing about that block really says it's experimental or gives an option

i don't think everyone knows enough or should know enough to find the relevant source code and start stepping through the javascript to figure out it compiles.

if it's superseded then i don't see why it's still the only version of the sort library block.

As a standard Snapper, I use library blocks (and the sort has the big flash warning on it)

Primitives are hidden by default
If your going to by-pass the standard library and use primitives directly then hand-holding is over :slight_smile:

the library block uses the primitive, i'm not using the primitive directly.
i never thought the lightning symbol was a warning, it just looks like it means it's fast.
i did check the manual, it does say it's experimental, fair enough. although i feel like an actual warning symbol would've been better, or some version of the sort block that isn't compiled