Co-ordinates of the edge of the stage

Can someone please tell me the exact co-ordinates of the edges of the stage for x axis and y axis? It is something that is used quite commonly by me, and I always use trial and error for it. I would be grateful if someone just gave the set-in-stone co-ordinates for the edges of the stage. Also, when you change the size of the stage by dragging the corner of it, does it make the stage bigger in terms of the co-ordinates? :upside_down_face: Thanks.

[right] of [stage] = x
[top] of [stage] = y

all you have to do is use
([left v] of [stage v])
([right v] of [stage v])
([top v] of [stage v])
([bottom v] of [stage v])
or in the stage,

(my [left v] :: sensing)

Ok, thanks. To be honest with you, I have never seen that block! :sweat_smile:

yo welcome

You can also change the size of the stage to whatever you want by pressing "Stage size" in settings. The coordinates of the edge of the stage is half of the width/height, so by default the x value is -240/240 and the y value is -180/180.

Wow! I never noticed! I see the forum is a great way to unlock and find "hidden gems"! :slight_smile:

As long as the js function reporter exists (and run), there are more hidden gems than u think(of course, i haven't found them all)

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