Cloud variables?!

yeah yeah i know that you can use some third party things like replit to make cloud vars
but replit is fast but not too fast for me(i.e its supra fast on webpages(200ms) but not fast on websocket(5fps))
so id really wand some kind of native cloud variables

It think they already said no somewhere

they said that it could be implemented but was the least of thier importancy list

jens has to pay out of pocket for cloud storage

could someone give me a link of scratch project that contains a cloud variable and updates it?
you can make one now and publish it
something like when green flag forever change cloud var by one
i need it for turbo warp testing

turbowarp doesnt sync with the scratch cloud

turbo warp testing
i need to find out where their cloud server is


oh ok

wait you cant directly websoket in snap without js
@bh consider make some websoket blocks in addition to url block?

i agree with that, but i think the MQTT library is an alternative, although i haven't heard of that protocol before.

wot?theres a mqtt lib?

how to fix?
wait oops it says xmlhttprequest meaning that is is made by an oodler url request not by my blocks which are not faulty at all

Here you go!
Bad news:216~233ms lag,still suboptimal for multiplayer

(the rules marked in X do not apply here)

this also makes some scratch leaderboards insecure since its already insecure but this is just a tool

(i can use cloud variables cuz my banned("weird usernames not allowed")account still counts as an account.also if you change that "world.children[0].cloud.username" in startup to your explicit name not that implicit function call you can make rule one applicable and you can use these cloud variables without your own scratch accounts(its better to use yours though to avoid name collisions.if you dont have a scratch account then use will_wam or griffpatch or some other scratch accounts that are not scratch team members,this way also works when your scratch is blocked AND you dont have an account))

We neeed a different basis,this one is too laggy already

the chatroom rule DOES apply if you're uploading to the site, this site doesn't allow those either.
it's extremely difficult to moderate project chatrooms, please don't put them on here.

by the way, turbowarp cloud variables are automatically deleted after a while, so you can't have complete leaderboards on turbowarp.

Can’t this also be used maliciously, though?

If you want to hack the turbowarp mirror of some leaderboard,yes
but im not the first guy doing this plus this is not just for hackers