Cloud variable latency comparision


My SnapCloudVars:Unavalible(repl waking up)

My SnapCloudVars test 2:Cloud var block returning nothing

My new SnapCloudVars:Cloud var block returning nothing,and spawning procssess untill computer crashes

Still not working after repl startup

@aaes 's cloud vars:700ms

turbo warp cloud:215~225ms

Edit:It turns out that my cloud var server is actually useable.Its just the JS free version thats not useable.(600~650ms)

  1. netblox(205~210ms)(new data:200ms)
  2. turbowarp(215~225ms)
  3. my cloud vars(600~650ms)
  5. aaes(700ms)

Sensing test script runs from serverside,id is eee,user is @loucheman
Sensing DDOS memory attacks from serverside,id is[change id by 1;forever],user is loucheman
@loucheman please quit reading variable eee,because it hasn;t been created yet!

If it's me, it wasn't intentional...yesterday I opened an old project and ran it...did the problem start yesterday?

From your time zone?
Well,on my time zone,you did that in the morning and now is the afternoon

it's 5:35 am for me now

did the problem start yesterday?

its not a problem lol

it started 23:00 on ur time zone

At 23:00, i was sleeping...

I just checked in my project: there doesn't seem to be any references to your blocks saving in the cloud...

I don't know...