Cloud var testing game
Main thread latency
Cache miss

I don't know what is supposed to happen, but when I press the WASD keys my Default Turtle Sprite/Player keeps bouncing/flickering between the position I put it in and the starting position.

thats the lag
itll fix itsself in a minuite
ps:i didnt find u

Oh, okay.

Also is this using a Python server?

this hijacks netblox

ps:reload the page,i think i fixed that problem

Maybe Netblox is blocked on my school computer...

Dang it, if only I knew the next Chromebook update from my school district was blocking ANOTHER website which I NEEDED, then I wouldn't have updated at all!

i dont think its blocked for u

Well isn't blocked for me...but...

but what?

Your game still isn't working. In fact, it's working worse than when I last exited out.

Oh.Then try the native version

18001767679 helped me translate that
Did you mock it up?
I lost control
cleared back side
now u can restart green flag

I see you

wait u reverted the clear????