Cloud Trivia Game Development: Day 2

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I'd love to help on this!

@joecooldoo I made a filter block that filters lists from least to greatest.

I will try to make a greatest to least filter block.

Thanks, but I want to make this on my own.

OK, that's fine by me!

Feel free to use my block though (Please give me credit if you are using it)

Will it have built in questions?

I think @joecooldoo already established the fact that his/her cloud trivia game would be like Kahoot with customizable questions and quizzes. You can check Day 1.

Yes. I know. But will the be an option for built in questions?

I think there will be an option for built-in questions.

Also @joecooldoo I suggest turning this into a website where you can have freedom from storage issues and also you can add more functions.

I want this to be a Snap! thing.

If you can give me some recommendations, maybe in a separate day.

Hey, why don't you publish the project each day, so we can get a better idea of what you did.

On the next day I'll share it, not publish it.

If @joecooldoo shares it people will most likely pester him/her with questions or something like "I want to help!" despite this project being a solo project.

On the next day just say something like

I am making this project solo, so please don't bombard me with questions like "I really want want to help! Can I help you?".

What did you use to edit the video? Very offtopic sorry.

This is really cool how your showing the development should upload these to youtube

seems cool.

@joecooldoo Has this project died already at day 2?

I have to finish a research paper.