Cloud Trivia Game Development: Day 1

Can't see the video? View it here:

I can't see the video. Any chance you can share it online with us, or on Google Drive?


tsk Still can't see it. is blocked from my school computer (I'm currently working on some school projects)

This is also why you can't use Snap! Extensions.


But can't you share it on Google Drive or something?

I'll try.

Thank you :slight_smile:

It's complaining that my storage is full when it's really not.

Oh... :frowning_face:

Just used my phone to see the video. I like time-lapses and such.

Will this game be kind of like Kahoot or something?

Kind of.

And you can make your own questions?

We'll see. Just view the vlogs whenever one comes out to stay updated.

Suggestion: In game matchmaking

Could you describe a little further?

There will be a lobby, where you can create a game or join one.

@joecooldoo said it is a solo project in the Day 2 post.

Let me edit this post to add Day 2.