Cloud system help?

i've been trying to get cloud variables in snap for basically as long as i've been using it
it's a genuine pain to find a cloud system myself so now i'm making a forum post

any sort of cloud system would be fine, i'd just like to know how to make one myself
mqtt is probably easier, but i'd rather use something like replit (not replit, because my school district blocked it)

if it can be something with 100ms lag (how fast scratch's cloud variables change) or less and that includes publish-subscribe or peer-to-peer systems, like MQTT or AMQP, then i'll be happy
i just want a sort of list of instructions on how to set up something like that or maybe just a suggestion to a website that i can use

If you download Snap!, you could setup a peer-to-peer connection with another computer on the same network (by getting that computer's subnet IP) and use the HTTP blocks to communicate.

However, you probably don't want that. I would use either GitLab Pages or cloudflare.

i think i'd go with cloudflare
gitlab is a paid website and i have a huge issue with money right now
surely the cloudflare free plan works right?

I'm a cheapscape and I've had my GitLab account (with pages) for free for like two years. They just give you a 30-day free trial, then give you a free account with less features.

oh alright that sounds good i guess i'll try gitlab for a bit, see how it works out

Click "Libraries..." and you should see MQTT Blocks

ohh that's where that is coming from
however, i do still want a cloud system i can save data with

There are database blocks, too!

Screenshot 2023-12-12 162550

yeah i'm browsing through the libraries right now
never really knew that was a thing

same, i made a nest function but later found out it was the same thing as the cascade function, but i stuck to using my nest function

also there's serial ports blocks

found those too
but i've never used serial ports before and it prompts me to connect one to my device?
what am i meant to connect?

idk how to use the webser ports either

the MQTT blocks should be the ones with the cloud system

yeah the mqtt blocks connect to a publish-subscribe cloud system
basically it just reads and writes, no storage though :disappointed:
hopefully, maybe i can find a way to combine the mqtt and database blocks for that

Something like an arduino.

i read a wiki page on it
i guess it's a port that sends data between computers bit-by-bit (just 1 bit at a time)
you read data from a serial port one bit at a time, and write data one bit at a time

Did you know that the first serial connection was invented for the teletypewriter, and is why we still measure serial connection speed in bauds?

Also, the USB uses a serial connection, but the data is encoded differently from normal.

But those are only used for Offline Browser Storage. If you store data it will only be stored on the browser, but not on a cloud system everyone can access.