Cloud server using

I have heard it is possible to create a cloud server using replit do you know how I could do this?

i think this should go in the help with snap or meta categories

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but still does anyone know how to use replit for this


You would need to learn how to program servers with a serverside language like JavaScript/Express, or PHP (not recommended).

And this shouldn't go in #help because it's about something outside of Snap!; I think it should go in #advanced-topics.

I made one here:

Though because puts inactive repls to sleep, if no-one is in the server for a while, you need to try connecting, wait a few seconds, then reconnect. If this doesn't work, then either there was an error waking up the server or the server isn't running.

I think you'd be better off using heroku instead. Hopefully they don't put inactive servers to sleep and the server will always be running. Though you need to pay to make more dynos (like repls in

EDIT: nevermind i think the server starts running again if it receives a request

You can use a pinger like UptimeRobot to keep the repl alive.

Very nice and clean code!!!
What about the key/value server? You consider "nodejstest" not ready?

What do you mean? That repl is supposed to be an HTTP server test. I don't know what you mean by "ready."