Cloud error when saving

Just tried saving an existing project and got this

But menu says I am logged in

Logged out and in again and all working again

Well, if logging out and in fixed it, I'd say this is just How Computers Work™ :wink:

In a more serious note, I've recently revamped the whole website and part of the cloud, which caused a few minor issues (some not so minor) but everything is settling in nicely now.

Your session was probably invalidated at some point and logging out and in again reset it.

I've marked the date in my calendar that you said that :upside_down_face:

Came back from tea and found this

I'd obviously pressed save as I walked away from the computer

Logging out and in again got me back to normal

Okay now thats just weird

It works as designed, if "stay signed in..." was not checked. The server invalidated your session after inactivity, but browser is not aware of that. Some kind of "heartbeat" must be implemented to prevent this behaviour.

I think you may be right - the box wasn't checked - I've made sure it's checked now - I'll see what happens