Clones arent recognising being clicked

so im working on a game kinda thing and im using clones to make a character selection screen kinda thing, but when I click the clones they dont add the respective character to the party(which is set up via a list variable)
here's a link to the project

Where do you set Variable PARTY into a List in the code?

the stage

It seems as though you're not adding any objects to List PARTY. Perhaps that's your error?

but shouldnt this do it?

platformer+turnbasedrpg script pic
Yes, but there's also this.
This is why the costumes don't set - because you haven't set them before the battle.

yeh i noticed this might be an issue and thats why I have the state variable, it sets to party only when the party selection menu is open. the party menu happens outside of the battletrigger and will trigger a different state once I code it in lol

Are you trying to do a not equals? The reason I'm asking is because <not (costume #)> will always return false, unless the current costume is the turtle costume (0). If you want not equal, right click the equals block, click relabel, and then select the item that has the block with the not equals ≠ sign (and don't use the not block).

^ relabel

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