CLONE Processing

Most likely this is for @jens:
Is there a set number of clone processes executing at any given instant if there are a lot of clones?

My case being:
I have almost 5000 clones and they are all doing the same process.
Is there a controllable way to parallel process, or increase it when I need it?

Since each clone is already doing a straight flow, I cannot split it into further processes to benefit from the "Parallelization" library.

I was asking about increasing or controlling the execution of simultaneous clone processes.
The counting display for my clone process keeps changing by about 10 approx.
Does this mean that I have ~10 clones parallel processing ?

not sure if I understand your question. There is no limit to how many processes Snap can handle, but since it's a time-sharing multiplexing system, things will generally slow down at some point.

I was asking about the possibility of exerting any kind of control on the multiprocessing of the clones. But I reached a solution by reworking my logic and consider this question closed. Thanks.