Clipped Costumes

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Version 76.0.3809.100 (Official Build) Built on Ubuntu , running on Ubuntu 18.04 (64-bit)

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Just load project

  1. What does Snap! currently do?

Looking at the sprites on the stage counting from the left

1 is the "hat winter" costume from the Snap costumes library.

2 is probably what it should look like. I've download the original costume and used Inkscape to resize the page to the drawing.

3 is the "ball a" costume from the Snap costumes library. Although it looks OK on the Costumes tab, on the stage it looks like its clipped on the top & bottom.

4 is the "ball a" costume with set size to 50%. Here the clipping is more obvious, especially in the sprite corrall.

5 is the "baseball" costume from the Snap costumes library. This looks OK on the stage, but if you look at the image on the costume tab it's in the top left hand corner of the icon

  1. What should Snap! do instead?

These are all svg costumes and I suspect the problem is the svg tag at the start of the file doesn't match the actual size of the image.

So for instance the original hat winter starts <svg version="1.1" width="37" height="41"

and the modified hat winter has width="50.999187" height="57.176411" (along with a load of other stuff that Inkscape adds)

Looking at the costumes in the costume library this appears to be a common problem - see cymbal b, fruitsalad, glass water, guitar bass, headband (BLANK!), heart code, all of the penguin3 costumes, etc.

Groan. We stole those costumes from Scratch, so it's their fault the costumes are defective. I'll see what I can do. Thanks for finding the problem in the header.